Tips on How to Honor Your Deceased Parent in your Wedding

A very sensitive issue is how to integrate a parent or parents who have passed away into your wedding. There are various options and you can choose one or a variety of them. You could have a moment of silence after the processional to remember those who have passed. At the ceremony, the reception or both you can have a chair sitting empty to symbolize the parent who would have been sitting there. For instance if it was your father you would have the chair beside your mother which is where they would be sitting if they were in attendance. We have often had a framed picture of the deceased parent sitting on the chair. Or you could decide to have a bouquet of your Mom’s favorite flowers sitting on the chair if she is the person who’s passed. A common touch is to have a single rose on the seat of the chair. You could maybe decide to put a framed picture of them at the altar during the ceremony.

Some couples like to add their parents favorite poem or song to the ceremony or the reception.


Vancouver wedding DJ Scott Barratt from Creative DJ Services will often have a chair beside the surviving parent to represent the deceased parent’s memory

At the end of one of our ceremonies the bride symbolically released a bunch of balloons in her late father’s favorite shade of blue and it was very touching as we all watched them fly off into the heavens much like many would like to thing the human soul does at our time of passing.

During the reception you will have many opportunities to speak of the departed during a toast or speech. Most brides have dreamed of dancing with their Dad at their wedding and it’s not easy putting that dream to rest. One of our brides showed a video montage of her late father while her and her brother danced what would have been the father/daughter dance in front of the screen to a song that everyone knew was his favorite song of all time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Incorporating something that was owned by your parent or something that they were particularly fond of is always a great idea. A few of our brides have worn their late mother’s wedding dress while others have put a locket on their bouquet that contains a picture of their late parent.

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